Zapier Consulting: Automate Your Work with the #1 Integration Platform

Connect all your apps with Zapier – the low-code integration leader. Take advantage of over 5,000 of ready-made, custom integrations and automate key business workflows. Whether it’s marketing, sales, or one of hundreds of other processes, with Zapier, you can start sending data between tools in a matter of minutes.

example of sub-zap with xero connection
complex zapier business setup

Set up Automated Workflows for All Areas of Your Business

With over 5,000 different integrations and millions of possible workflows you could set up, Zapier lets you automate every area of your business. Use the power of Zapier to:


Automatically process enquiries and qualify potential customers


Speed up recruitment process and employee onboarding


Process new customer orders in your e-Commerce store


Automate one of 100s of other processes...

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Eliminate Thousands of Tasks from Your Daily Workflow

Even one Zap can eliminate the need to repeat the same task dozens, or even hundreds of times every month. Now imagine you build 10 Zaps and each helps you get rid of five tasks that each takes a minute of your time.

Over the course of a month, all those tasks add up to HOURS of time that you save and can spend on more productive things. 

Get the Right Outcome Depending on Pre-Set Rules

Business processes are rarely linear. Often, the expected outcome depends on many variables. For example, what if the lead in the pipeline does not meet all criteria? Or is valuable enough you want to give it priority?

With the right setup, you can use logic and have Zapier do the exact action you want it to do, depending on the variables in the process.  

zapier logic with paths
Zaps success steps

Ensure All Your Automations Finish Successfully

Setting up automation is easy – but it’s testing that’s the vital part of every workflow.

After all, you never know how your users will use your automation. To reduce the risk of users breaking your automation, you want to use filters, test, and set strategic alerts. You then want to document HOW to use the workflows, so that its users can get the most out of your automation setup. 

Zapier Automation in Numbers

Complex Zaps Built

Mundane Tasks Automated

Clients Leveraging Automation

Hours Saved Every Month

Why Use Zapier to Automate Your Workflow?

Get Work Done 24/7

Zapier works around the clock and can run automation workflows at any time of day. This ensures all your processes continue even when no one is around to watch them.

Eliminate Manual Errors

Minimize the risk of human error and avoid manual errors with Zapier automation. Increases data accuracy, skyrocket productivity, and eliminate the need to spend money to fix said errors.

Stay on Top of Everything in Your Business

Use Zapier automation to stay on top of key events in your business. Get real-time updates with automated email, Slack or email notifications.

Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Automate mundane, repetitive tasks to save time every day, month and year. Use that time to focus on things that matter and speed up your business growth.

Reduce Operational Costs

Use Zapier to automate popular operational tasks and drive down your operational costs. Reinvest the money saved into key areas of your business.

Get More Customers

While Zapier isn’t a sales tool in itself, it allows you to automate your sales and marketing processes. With automation, you can improve user experience, increase conversion rate, and close more deals.

Working with a Zapier Automation Consultant –

How It’s Done

Find out how easy it is to start automating your business with Zapier:

1. Initial Contact

It all starts with that first email or a quick discovery call to see if we’re a good fit. Depending on the scope of the project, a quick email might be enough. In some cases, we might meet for an additional call to discuss your key processes and look for quick wins to get your automation started.

2. Estimation & Planning

Next, I’ll estimate all the work required and send you a final quote. If you accept it, you’ll receive a contract outlining the exact scope of the project. For bigger projects, I might also ask you to pay a part of the payment. Don’t worry – each of those steps will be automated!

3. Automation!

This is where the fun begins and where I set the automation up. To do so, I’ll need access to your Zapier account and, in some cases, other tools and services that’ll be a part of the automation. Thanks to a proven, secure process for handling passwords, your data will stay 100% confidential and secure!

4. Delivery

This is where I officially hand you a working Zap (or Zaps). Because some setups involve additional tools (like Gmail or ClickUp automation), you’ll get all Zaps neatly documented. The deliverables might include Zap instructions, a BPMN diagram, or a video walkthrough through key steps of the Zap (or all of the above).

5. Maintence

Depending on the agreement and the size of the project, I often offer a 30-day maintenance period. During that time, I’m available to give you a hand in case a change to one of the applications in the workflow breaks the Zap.

Hire a Zapier Automation Consultant

Introduce Zapier automation workflows to your business. Schedule a call or send a quick message and let’s talk about your automation needs.

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