About me

Hi, I’m Jacek

Founder and Chief Automator at Clickleo.com

Over the last six years, I worked in different marketing roles, including a managerial position for an education business that boasted over 10 million monthly pageviews and a weekly newsletter with over 40.000 readers.

I also run a copywriting business where I worked with clients from all continents except for Antarctica. During that time, I created high-quality content for one of the top businesses in the marketing automation space, Encharge.io. Feel free to check out my article on Machine Learning and Automation or Sales Operations Software. Maybe some of the listed tools are already a part of your workflow?


Initially, I started automating things to free myself from repetitive, tedious tasks.

That got me really curious.

Then, I started experimenting with automating client onboarding and communication… And that’s what got me hooked. Today, I’m on a mission to help you reclaim your time and Do More. I want you to:

Do more of what grows your business.

Do more of what helps you deliver excellent customer experiences.

Do more great things without having to worry about tedious, mind-numbing tasks.

Simply speaking, I want you to do more of what really matters to you. Whether it’s scaling your business or having more time outside of work. All that by helping you automate repetitive work that can – and should – be automated!
If that’s something you’d like to be doing – let’s talk.