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Use the power of Zapier automation to reclaim countless hours, save money, and focus on what matters the most – growing your business.


Automate Your Business Tasks

As a business owner, you want your business to grow. You want to deliver outstanding customer experiences and build something bigger than yourself. And to help you achieve that goal… you invest in tools and services that are supposed to help you get there.

And sure, most of them add real value to your business. The problem is, the bigger you are, the more tools and services you need. And the processes in your business don’t become any less complex – quite the opposite!

On top of that, unless you manage to outsource all the repetitive tasks to your employees, you keep dealing with the ever-growing amount of maintenance and admin work. And, even if you do outsource those tasks… wouldn’t it be better if your employees could focus on things they’re actually good at? That’s where Zapier automation comes in.

Automation is key to scaling your business without scaling your workload. It lets you connect key tools and services in your business arsenal and automate work that used to take you and your team hours every week.

Your time is valuable – so why waste it on things a machine could do? Every minute that you spend on mundane, repetitive tasks is a minute you’re not working on growing your business. Let Zapier handle the boring stuff so that you can focus on things that matter.

Fix Broken Zaps

Things happen – sometimes Zaps just stop working due to API changes or app updates. Let me dig into it and let’s get your automation up and running!

Set Up a Brand New Automation

Know what you want to automate but need help setting things up? Let’s talk about your needs and let me build a new automation workflow for you.

Help Figure This Whole “Automation Thing” Out

You understand your business and know what could be improved but are not sure how you could automate it? That’s OK – let’s map your processes and figure things out!

Growthturn SEO Agency Zapier automation case study featured image

GrowthTurn – Reduced Manual Client Onboarding and Management Time By 90% (+ Improved Client Experience)

GrowthTurn is a productized SaaS SEO agency. Discover how we helped them create automation around their new brand of services that cut out 90% of all manual work required to onboard new clients and communicate work progress.

Marcin Chirowski – Founder of GrowthTurn:

The number one benefit of working with Jacek at Clickleo isn’t just his Zapier skills – it’s how well he understands our automation needs thanks to his vast marketing experience. 

What impressed me the most was just how quickly he understood our goals and how professional his delivery was. 

Not only he gave us all the Zaps but also the documentation and the videos on how to edit everything, so we can make the setup scalable in the future.

I totally recommend Jacek to anyone looking for Automation Professionals, whether it’s an agency, eCommerce, anybody looking to automate their processes.

Marcin Chirowski


How Automation Can Help Your Business?

The list of automation benefits is long… here are the most important ones:

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Forget about manually moving data or doing the same, boring tasks, every time you get a new lead.

Let our automation setup do the work for you and avoid doing things everyone hates.

Avoid Common Mistakes

With automation, you don’t have to worry about human error. Automation always moves data accurately. It never “forgets” to reach out to your customers or update the database when you need it to.

This doesn’t just ensure consistency in your workflow but also helps avoid money and time losses that are tied to every error.

Free up Time to Focus on the High-Level Stuff

When you stop doing things a machine can do, you finally get the time to focus on things that really matter.

Ditch the low-level, operational tasks and get more time to focus on things that actually grow your business.

Reduce Employment Cost

Automation helps keep your business lean by reducing the amount of work your employees have to do. This lets your business achieve more with fewer people onboard.

It also allows your existing employees to focus on what you really pay them for – their expertise. This, in turn, increases the ROI of every person that you hire.

Keep Talent Onboard

Your most talented employees want their talent to shine. Automation allows them to avoid work that’s below their pay grade and gives them time to focus on things they love.

This reduces the chance that they’ll go elsewhere, increasing employee satisfaction and retention rate.

Align Your Sales and Marketing

By increasing data accuracy and improving the flow of information, automation helps your key teams stay aligned. This makes collaboration between the two teams more effective, reducing client acquisition costs.

And, most importantly, it allows you to reach your sales and marketing goals faster.

And, ultimately…

Automation saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year and gives your business the resources it needs to scale!

Ready to Start Automating Your Business?

What Can You Automate?

If it’s repetitive and requires connecting different tools, it probably can be automated. As a former marketing manager and copywriter, I understand business. Hence, I don’t just strive to save you time. While I’m happy to help you automate different processes, my goal is to automate those that help your business grow.


With that said, some of the things you could automate in your business include:


Marketing & Lead Generation

Optimize your marketing workflow and speed up your lead generation. Automatically:

Pre-qualify leads

Re-engage customers

Generate campaign reports

Synchronize CRM data

Nurture potential clients

Send team notifications and assign tasks

Publish new content

Enrich marketing tools with analytics data



Use Zapier Automation to give your sales process a boost and increase your close rate.

Turn form entries and emails into leads in your favorite CRM tool

Personalize sales messages

Send quotes and proposals

Generate and deliver contracts

Assign leads to the right salespeople

Notify salespeople about new leads

Schedule client meetings

Upsell your happy clients with new products and services

a visualization of client onboarding automation

Client Onboarding & Management

Automate onboarding and day-to-day tasks to give your team more time to work on excellent client results. Automatically:

Coordinate new project requests

Add and update client data in your central data hub

Move prospective employees through the hiring process

Create and assign client projects to your team members

Inform your clients about project progress

Collect feedback and reviews

Ask clients for recommendations and let them help you grow your business

Of course, the above list contains just a fraction of what’s possible. Let’s talk about your business, and find out how Zapier automation can save you time and money:

What You Get with Every Setup

Please note that some of the deliverables depend on the scope of the project. But, in the case of a complete Zapier automation project, you get:

A complete Zap setup

This is what makes your automation work!

A video walkthrough of the entire process

It will allow you to better understand the entire setup and see exactly what was done – and why.

30-day Zap Support

Each custom setup comes with a 30-day support service to help you handle unexpected issues caused by changes to the apps involved in the automation.

A flowchart

(in the BPMN – business process model and notation – form) outlining how automation moves data between apps. You’ll get to see the software used, and key decision points, and will be able to document every action.

A process page

a non-technical guide explaining how, when, and why the automation works (and what are the expected outputs). It’s a go-to file for non-technical team members. It will also include links to all the resources involved in the automation.

How Much Money Can I Really Save?

Think about it like this. Let’s say that you automate three simple tasks, worth, in total, 1 hour of your or your team’s daily time.

Let’s say that that one hour is worth $25 – although, in many cases (your personal time included) it’s worth A LOT more than that.

Now, let’s multiply that by 22 business days. At just $25/hour, that’s already $550 a month… or $6600 a year. Now, what if you saved not 1 but 4 hours of your team’s time… and that time was worth $50/hour?

That’s already $52,800… the cost of hiring a full-time employee!

And let’s not forget that automation isn’t just about the money that you save.

Getting rid of repetitive, boring stuff, frees up your time to deliver REAL value. It prevents you from jumping between tasks and helps you do more high-value work.

And, most importantly, it helps you focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and growing your business.

The things that are HARD to quantify but that, ultimately, are key to scaling your business.


How much does it cost?

The price depends on the size and complexity of the project. If all you need is for me to look at a Zap and fix it, we can agree to an hourly rate. But, if the setup is more complicated, we might negotiate a fixed-fee deal.

How much time does it all take?

Again, the duration will depend on the project. Some setups shouldn’t take longer than a few hours. In some cases, the entire setup might take days. The latter is especially common when there’s a need to reach out to the support of a particular tool or service.

Can everything be automated?

While many repetitive tasks can be automated, not all of them should. For example, if you have a list of 200,000 subscribers, it might be safer to schedule the broadcast manually. Similarly, you don’t want people to get an invoice too early in the process. But, that’s what mapping your processes and reviewing your goals is for!

Do I need a Zapier account?

Yes, every Zapier automation will be set on your (or your company’s) account. I charge you only for the work done and don’t “rent” Zaps (which is also against Zapier’s ToS).

Is Zapier the only automation tool that you use?

Yes and no 🙂 While I don’t use any other Zapier-like tools, I often supplement the workflows with third-party automation. These might include Gmail, ClickUp, or Active Campaign automation.

Do you need access to my other tools?

This will depend on the tools and services that are used in the workflow. Sometimes, it’s enough that they’re already added to Zapier. However, in most cases, access is necessary to run tests or find out what the problem is.

Can I trust you with my passwords?

Whenever possible, I recommend that my clients change their passwords to temporary ones or create additional users with just enough permissions to set the automation. However, even then, I always exchange all passwords or API keys (or, in fact, perform any authentication) using a secure third-party tool dedicated to systems automation. That way, you can give me access without sharing the password directly.

Do you fix broken zaps?

Yes, fixing broken Zaps is one of my core services.

Can you recommend tools or services for my automation workflow?

Yes, my goal isn’t just to connect two tools together. Depending on the tool, I might be able to help you pick an optimal solution.

I have no idea about automation - can you help me?

Sure! If you’re running a business, I’m sure there are processes we can automate. Let’s get in touch, discuss your biggest bottlenecks, and start automating!

Can you help me map my business processes?

This will depend on the part of your business that you want to automate. This is also why I always check if I’m a good fit for the job before I start automating a single thing.

What happens once you create the automation?

Once you pay the entire agreed amount, the automation is yours to use! You’ll also get the entire documentation outlining changes (if I fixed a Zap) or the entire setup.

What if I need support in the future?

All complex Zap setups come with 30-day support. This means that, for 30-days, I’ll be there to keep an eye on the Zap and help you out in case there are any problems with it. These often occur for example when a team member makes unwanted changes to one of the tools involved in the setup.

How can I get started?

Scroll down to the contact form and schedule a call or shoot me an email!

Working with a Zapier Automation Consultant –

How It’s Done

Find out how easy it is to start automating your business with Zapier:

1. Initial Contact

It all starts with that first email or a quick discovery call to see if we’re a good fit. Depending on the scope of the project, a quick email might be enough. In some cases, we might meet for an additional call to discuss your key processes and look for quick wins to get your automation started.

2. Estimation & Planning

Next, I’ll estimate all the work required and send you a final quote. If you accept it, you’ll receive a contract outlining the exact scope of the project. For bigger projects, I might also ask you to pay a part of the payment. Don’t worry – each of those steps will be automated!

3. Automation!

This is where the fun begins and where I set the automation up. To do so, I’ll need access to your Zapier account and, in some cases, other tools and services that’ll be a part of the automation. Thanks to a proven, secure process for handling passwords, your data will stay 100% confidential and secure!

4. Delivery

This is where I officially hand you a working Zap (or Zaps). Because some setups involve additional tools (like Gmail or ClickUp automation), you’ll get all Zaps neatly documented. The deliverables might include Zap instructions, a BPMN diagram, or a video walkthrough through key steps of the Zap (or all of the above).

5. Maintence

Depending on the agreement and the size of the project, I often offer a 30-day maintenance period. During that time, I’m available to give you a hand in case a change to one of the applications in the workflow breaks the Zap.

Hire a Zapier Consultant

Achieve more while doing less manual work

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