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Sales Funnel Copy 

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Landing Pages

Why so many people fail at selling online? They drive all people to the same landing page – regardless of the advertising campaign, its goals, and promoted offer. What’s even worse, usually, this all-in-one landing page is their homepage.

You can’t expect people to convert if you’re sending them to the wrong page in the first place!  This is where dedicated landing pages come into play. But, even they must do a lot more than merely present the features and benefits of you product.

If you fail to drive your visitors to action using carefully chosen emotions, even the best design and biggest, shiniest CTA buttons won’t help.


Newsletters & Email Campaigns

Is there anything more valuable than a new customer? Of course! A customer who keeps coming back to your business. One who trusts your brand and stays loyal, eagerly buying your products and services. Time and time again. How to build such a strong relationship with your audience?

One of the best tools you can use to establish and nurture relationships with your customers is a newsletter. Naturally, on top of trying to sell them products, effective newsletter series need to provide your readers with a lot of value.

Only then they’ll trust you enough to open their wallets and get the products and services that you so badly want them to buy. 


Top-of-the-funnel Content

What’s the best way to establish a relationship with your audience and persuade them to make a purchase? If you answered “educate them” – you are one step closer to a sale.

Most of the time, people won’t buy products they don’t know how to use to solve their problems. By providing them with detailed how-to guides, blog posts, and online courses, you educate them and lead them towards a solution. Which usually involves the use of your product or services.

 On top of that, high-quality, thoroughly-researched content is an excellent way to build awareness of your brand and present your offer to your offer to your customers without being overly salesy. Because first impressions matter.


Ad Copy

 Copywriting is the bread and butter of advertising. It’s no surprise that ad copy is one of the most important elements of every campaign. In limited number of letters, you need to present your offer, share your message, and attract the right visitor.

All happens in a blink of an eye. What’s more, regardless of the platform – be it Social Ads, Search Ads, or Native Ads – you need to drive the core metrics, such as CTR, as high as possible. Of course, without resorting to clickbait.  copy needs to grab the attention of the reader. 

Your ad copy needs to be catchy but not overly salesy. It needs to match the landing page and encourage the visitor to click it. So many goals, so little space… 

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