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*free for customers who sign at least a 6-month contract for one of my other services. Otherwise, the price of the audit is determined individually depending on the size of your website. 

What’s Included in the Audit?

Copywriting Audit

Are you speaking to the right audience? Is your copy benefits-oriented or focused on mere featured? And, most importantly, is it actually written to sell?

Analytics Audit

A quick check of your Google Analytics Setup. Is it connected correctly? Do you have the right goals and events in place to maximize its possibilities? 

CRO Audit

Are there any obvious things that could be improved right away? Sometimes the quick fixes are what can give the highest improvement to your conversion rate. 

Strategy & Actionable Plan

You’ll get a complete plan of what needs to be done to improve your site’s conversion and increase your sales – together with actonable tips how to do that.

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