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increase brand awareness, and sell more with my Google Ads management service.

What’s Included in My PPC Management Service?

Google Ads Search Campaigns

Get instant traffic to your website. Millions of people are actively looking for products and services they need. I’ll help you turn them into customers!  

Search Ads Management Includes:

  • Keyword research – building a foundation
  • Competitor analysis – finding out who you are competing with and how to beat them
  • Campaign creation – writing ads and configuring all settings
  • Ongoing optimization – finding ways to improve your campaigns and generate better ROI
  • Detailed reporting – you’ll stay on top of everything that’s happening with your campains

Cut through the search traffic and reach customers before they even get a chance to scroll Google search results page – hit the button below and let’s start working together. 

Google Display Ads

Most people ignore irrelevant banners. That’s why to succeed with Display, you need to get to them at the right time and place. Thanks to rich Google Ads targeting and analytics options, it’s still possible to grab their attention. 

Here’s the breakdown of my Display Ads service:

  • Campaign setup & management – getting you up and running
  • Creatives design – by a professional advertising designer
  • Competitor research – you need to know them to beat them
  • Ongoing optimization – A/B testing banner ads, finding new placements, and tweaking campaign settings
  • Remarketing setup – reaching out to those who left your site without purchasing
  • Detailed reporting – you’ll be the first to know how your Display Campaigns are performing 

Increase brand awareness, remarket to those who left your site and attract new customers with smart Display Advertising campaigns – hit the button below and let’s get in touch:

Google Shopping Ads

Formerly known as Google Product Listing Ads (PLA’s), Google Shopping ads are one of the best advertising tools to drive direct sales to your digital and physical products.

Google Shopping management includes:

  • Google Merchant Center Setup and Integration – the HQ of your campaigns
  • Competitor analysis – looking at how many people are selling your products
  • Conversion tracking setup – finding which product ads convert
  • Bid adjustments – for different times of day, locations and times of the day
  • Landing page improvements – making it easier for your customers to make a purchase
  • Budget management – allocating your advertising money to the right ads
  • Detailed reporting – you’ll stay on top of your e-commerce advertising efforts

Take advantage of the best Google Shopping practices and start selling your products now – right on the search results page.

Google Ads results receive 65 percent of the clicks that started with buying keywords.

More than a PPC Management Service



Getting traffic is the easy part. What counts is converting your website visitors into leads and customers. To do that, both your campaigns as well as landing pages need to be optimized.


Obsessed about Profit

Each marketing campaign has different goals – but the ultimate goal of advertising is to grow your business and make it more profitable – one advertising campaign at a time.


No Month-to-Month Contract 

There’s no long-term contract – you can cancel any time. The key is to win your business by delivering new customers and leads every month.


Full Account Control

You retain complete ownership of the account – which means you keep all settings and data even after the contract ends.

Let’s Grow Your Business Together

There are 160 billion+ monthly Google searches. Your customers are looking for you too.

Why Do You Need Full-Service PPC Management?

Every year, the world of digital advertising gets more competitive. New companies bid for the already crowded keywords and placements, which makes it harder for everyone to profit. That’s why the old-school ways of managing your ad spend are not enough. This is a full-service PPC management comes in.

Instead of merely setting up your campaigns, you need to keep optimizing them. Looking for new keywords, A/B testing ads, targeting ever-new placements. But, there’s, even more, you can do.

The key to achieving the full potential of your paid traffic advertising is to go beyond Google Ads editor and look at your website – that’s where the conversion happens. This is why on top of tweaking advertising settings, you need to work on your landing pages design and copywriting. Words sell – both those in ads and on your website.

My role is to make sure that you use all that to your advantage.

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