The Process:

How it all works.

1. Our First Contact

Typically every cooperation starts when you contact me using the contact form or Skype (hint: you can do that now). This way we can get to know each other and discuss your project in details.

The first details that you share with me (niche, your website, audience, and products) allow me to assess whether I am a good fit – I don’t accept all the jobs that come my way (but I might be able to offer you a referral). If after learning about your needs I’m sure I can genuinely help your business – we’re all set!

2. Brainstorming & Initial Planning

Depending on the size of your project, I’ll need at least a few days or even weeks to finish it. This is also where I might ask a lot of questions about your business – please answer them. Understanding your business, services, and your target audience is the key to providing you with a top-notch final piece.

I will ask you to divide bigger projects into convenient milestones. This way you don’t have to pay me upfront for the whole work, and I can focus on polishing each of the parts to make sure you get a high-quality piece. Once everything is crystal clear, and we agree on the details & deadlines, I will ask you to pay an advance payment (we can also use Escrow services).

Please note that out of respect for those who are already waiting for their work I never agree to extremely short deadlines.

3. Writing

After we agree on all the details, I get to work. This comprises of three stages:


First I look for all the data and information that might benefit your copy. In this stage, I still might have some extra questions regarding your business or your customers.

Outline & Draft

No text can be written in one sitting. After I have researched your audience and gathered all the information for the text, I prepare an outline which later gets turned into a draft. Once ready, the draft has to wait at least 24 hours before I look at it again (believe me, the best ideas come to mind when you see the text after a long break, not right after you write it).

Pre-Final Copy

After rewriting the draft, I send you the text. Depending on your decision, we go from here to #4 or #5.

4. Editing

Although I usually provide you with all the necessary information why I wrote this or that, you might want to see some changes. And I fully support you – in the end, this is your business, and you are the one using the text.

Hence, you can ask me to edit the text once right after you get it. I might want to stop you here – for example, if you ask me to change things that could lower the effectiveness of the copy, I will have to step in and convince you to leave it just as it is.

5. Delivery

If you decided to skip #4 – you already have the final version of your text. But if you did not – this is where you get it. And your customers love it, you celebrate, and I start working on the next milestone or wait for your future orders 🙂

Ready to Work Together?

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