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The Process

How to start growing your business in five simple steps.

Here’s How It Usually Works…


1. Our First Contact

Typically every cooperation starts when you contact me using the contact form or Skype (hint: you can do that now). This way we can get to know each other and discuss your project in details. Sometimes I might be the first to reach out – this happens when I come across a website I believe I can help.

The basic details that you share with me (niche, your website, audience, and products) allow me to assess whether I am a good fit – I don’t accept all the jobs that come my way (but I might be able to offer you a referral).

This is also where I might ask a lot of questions about your business – please answer them. Understanding your business, services, and your target audience is the key to helping your business. If, after learning about your needs, I’m sure I can genuinely help your business – we’re all set!


2. Research & Offer

Once I know your needs, I’ll have a look at your current advertising (if there’re any previous/active campaigns), to see what can be done to improve your results. Ad platform settings? Copywriting? Landing page re-design? Other CRO changes? If there’re none, I’ll provide you with suggestions as to what type of ads would be best for your business.

That’s when you’ll receive my detailed advertising management offer. Usually, most ad campaigns can be started within a few days. But if there’re some huge changes necessary (for example, complete web copy overhaul), it can take a few weeks, depending my workload. Large optimization jobs will need to be divided into milestones and are billed separately from standard ppc management fees.

Please note that out of respect for those who are already waiting for their work I never agree to extremely short deadlines on CRO jobs.


3. Work, Work, Work…

(PPC Management) After we agree on all the details, I get to work. Setting up your advertising and Google Analytics accounts, preparing copy for ads and new landing pages. Your campaign should be up and running with a few days, however it will take a few weeks to optimize it. Please note that I do all the work on your advertising accounts – you keep all the data and settings. 


(Copywriting – separate project) Depending on the project, the work here can be divided into different stages: Research, Outline & Draft, and Pre-Final Copy:


First I look for all the data and information that might benefit your copy. In this stage, I sometimes ask some extra questions regarding your business and customers.

Outline & Draft

No text can be written in one sitting. After I have researched your audience and gathered all the information for the text, I prepare an outline which later gets turned into a draft. Once ready, the draft has to wait at least 24 hours before I look at it again (I come up with the best ideas when I see the text after a 1 or 2-day break, not right after I write it for the first time).

Pre-Final Copy

After rewriting the draft, I send you the text. Depending on your decision, I can edit the copy if you believe it needs some extra changes.

Naturally, CRO tests and Google Analytics projects will look different – but that’s what I’ll discuss with you once we get to working together!  


4. Further Optimization

No ad campaign is a winner right from the start. There are too many variables to predict how your audience will behave with 100% certainty. That’s why all campaigns require careful A/B testing and lots of optimization – both on the account-side, as well as on your website.

Often one test is not enough – even if we find a winner in the first round of testing. That’s why I always inform my customers that some tests can take weeks and require a few variations to get the best results. 



5. The End… or not?

The work of an online advertiser is a never ending battle to improve and keep good ROI. But, it’s very rare for campaigns to last for months, and there’s always room for improvement…

Ready to Work Together?

Go ahead and send me an email with your project ideas.