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How-to Guides & Online Courses

What’s the best way to establish a relationship with your audience and persuade them to make a purchase? If you answered “educate them” – you are one step closer to a sale.

Visitors to your site will not buy products they don’t know how to use to solve their problems. By providing them with detailed how-to guides and courses, you educate them and lead them towards a solution, which usually involves the use of your product or services

Newsletters & Email Campaigns

Is there anything more valuable than a new customer? Of course – a returning one, who’s loyal and trusts your brand, eagerly buying your products and services time and time again.

To gain the trust of your (potential) clients, you need to establish a relationship. One of the best tools which you can use to achieve that is a newsletter. Naturally, it has to be full of emails that provide your subscribers with actual value.

Sales Letters & Landing Pages

Why so many people fail at selling online? They forget that simply adding a “buy now” or “sign up” button to a “sales page” won’t cut it. Especially if you are marketing to a cold visitor.

That’s why your landing and sales pages must do a lot more than merely present the features and benefits. If you fail to drive your visitors to action using carefully chosen emotions, even the best design and biggest, shiniest buttons won’t help.

Blog Posts & Affiliate Content

How do you rank your website in search results and attract new visitors thanks to organic traffic? It’s easy – by adding high-quality, thoroughly researched content to your site.

A blog is most of the time the first point of contact for your clients, and serves a variety of roles – from educating and nurturing, all the way to selling your products and services. And if you are an affiliate marketer – a blog is an absolute must!

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