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 Frequently Asked Questions.

PPC Management – Basics

Is PPC the right choice to grow my business?
While I’d love to say that it depends on a lot of things, including your industry, I can’t really think of a product or service that people aren’t looking for online. This means that PPC should work for almost any business. Of course, you could benefit more from different types of campaigns – that’s why one of the goals of my PPC management service is to pick the right tools for growth
Why would I pay someone to manage my ads?
In theory, PPC ads are easy to set up – pick a few keywords, write an ad or two and start driving traffic. In the real world, where thousands of people are competing for the most lucrative keywords, setting up profitable advertising campaigns requires a lot more than that. From careful setup to ongoing optimization – of both your advertising account settings and landing pages.
How long does it take to see results?
The first visitors can reach your site in as little as an hour. But, the initial stages of every PPC campaigns are all about gathering data and testing. Depending on the amount of data collected, the real results come after a few days or weeks of careful optimization and testing.
I've tried PPC before and it didn't work, should I try again?
99% of the time the problem is with the way the campaigns were managed. Did you use separate landing pages? Were the keywords grouped correctly? Did you track conversions? These, and many more questions can help you find what the problem was. Typically, any campaign can be rebuilt and made profitable – it all depends on your budget and willingness to collect the data & tweak campaign setting.

PPC Management Service – Technical

Do I need to sign a contract?
While we’ll sign a contract detailing all work and cost, there’s no minimum contract length. This means that you’re free to cancel at any time you feel you don’t need PPC management service anymore.
I’m already running a PPC campaign myself/at another company. Can you take it over?
Sure – but I’ll need to take a closer look at how the campaign was set up. Depending on whether you control the account or the campaign was built on the agency’s account, I might need to rebuild it from scratch – what will affect contract details. But, no matter your current situation – don’t hesitate and reach out to me now.
What’s the cost of an advertising campaign?
The cost of a campaign always includes a minimum maintenance flat fee + percentage of ad spend. The details will depend on the number of campaigns that you need to set up, as well as your budget. Typically, minimum maintenance fee goes towards CRO and the percentage of ad spend is an incentive to keep growing your business and, thus, your budget (plus, the higher it goes, the lower the %). Certain services, such as complete web copy overhaul (if needed), will be charged separately.
Your competitor guarantees #1 position in search ads. Why don’t you do that?

While it’d be great to say that once you reach #1 position your PPC campaign is a success, there are many other variables which impact your campaign’s profitability, including your bid or ad copy (which, in turn, impacts CTR). In fact, many times lower positions turn out more profitable.

Do I pay my advertising budget directly to you?
No, you pay it directly to the advertising company. While I charge you a percentage of ad spend, you retain complete control over your account and payment methods. This also means that you’ll always know how much exactly the campaigns cost you in a particular month.
How do I know how much money I need for my PPC ads?
Before I set up your campaign, I’ll perform an analysis and estimate what kind of a budget is needed to get you started.
Will I get an invoice for the services?
Yes – I run a legal, VAT-registered business. You will receive an invoice before the start of every month.

Conversion Rate Optimization & Analytics

Do you accept individual CRO and Analytics projects?
Unfortunately at this moment, I can only offer CRO and Analytics consulting to my current PPC clients.
What tools do you use to get the most data?
There’s a variety of tools out there that I’m familiar with and which I’ll use to benefit your business, such as Optimizely and Hotjar.
Do you gurantee conversion improvement?
Sadly, this can never be guaranteed – but, most of the time, it’s fairly easy to figure out which elements can improve your business results. In other cases, we’ll just move back to where we started and look for another idea to test – which is part of the A/B testing game.


Do you accept single copywriting projects?
Yes – feel free to get in touch but please keep in mind that I always prioritize my PPC clients and can’t take all copywriting work offers that come my way.
Do you use Escrow?

Sure – we can use any reliable escrow service of your choice. Please keep in mind that, in this case, I’ll have to add the fee of the escrow service to the final cost of the project.

When do I pay for the project?

It depends. If the project requires significant amount of work, it will be divided into milestones. In this case, you only need to pay for that particular milestone. 

What payment forms do you accept?

I accept Paypal and Transferwise (5% discount if you use the latter) for all orders.

What's the duration of a separate copywriting project?

It depends on the type of your project. Please note that to respect the time of clients who are already working with me (especially ongoing PPC clients), I cannot agree to extremely short deadlines. You can find more information about the process here.

Will I get an invoice for the work ordered?

Yes, I am a legally operating, VAT-registered business. You will receive an invoice before the start of every milestone.

Do you write more than landing page copy?

I specialize in sales funnel optimization. I can create copy focused on promoting and selling your products and services – which includes

  • Top-of-the-funnel content (long-form blog posts & guides)
  • Landing pages
  • Email sequences and newsletters
  • Ad copy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads – including their respective landing pages)
What language do you write in?

I can deliver content both in the UK and US English. It doesn’t matter whether you play football or soccer and what your favo(u)rite colo(u)r is – I can adjust the spelling and choose words that are appropriate for your audience!

Do you work with any editors?

Sure – as a sales writer, my goal is to create the copy that’ll help you achieve your business goals. I work with a proofreader who double-checks all my copywriting projects before they get delivered to the client.

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