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Use Data to Boost the ROI of Your Ads

and make more money without increasing your marketing budget.  

Conversion Rate Optimization and Advertising Campaigns – How to Make them Work:

Find campaign settings and site elements

No campaign is perfect right from the start – there’s always room for improvement. If you’re not testing your current, ads, creatives, and campaign settings, you’re already leaving money on the table.

Here’s How I’ll Help You Improve:

  • Analyse your PPC funnel to find how and where your website visitors are converting
  • Brainstorming ideas and prioritising elements based on the expected ROAS improvement
  • Setting up goals based on hypothesis produced during research
  • Running the tests, drawing conclusions, and optimizing
  • Implementing changes – assuming that they’ve reached statistical significance

The best about A/B testing is it doesn’t matter whether you want to test an ad, a service page or a contact form. From whole landing pages to single elements like images, web copy, and CTA buttons – everything can be tested.

Watch and interact with site visitors to understand their needs

By understanding your visitors, you’ll be able to come up with even more effective A/B tests and find out improvements that would take months to figure out by testing static elements alone.

How to get the data from your site visitors:

  • Watch conversion funnels to find out where your visitors leaving your site
  • Set up heatmaps to see where and why your users are clicking, tapping and scrolling on your website
  • Identify usability issues by watching the behavior of your visitors directly on the page
  • Run user-friendly feedback polls & surveys to collect the data from current customers

Watching your visitors, interacting with them, and directly asking them questions is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving your PPC funnels conversion rate big time. And the best is, you’ll be getting the data directly from your audience!

Create high-converting dedicated landing pages and bost your sales

First impressions matter. Your customers come to your website with an intention – make sure that your landing page meets their expectations. 

Here’s what’ll skyrocket the conversion rate of your landing pages:

  • Thorough audience research
  • One goal – matching the promise in the ad
  • Persuasive, benefit-oriented copy that sells
  • Images that fit your branding and the purpose of the page
  • Actionable Call to Actions
  • Buttons & forms – at the right place, in the right number

Trying to achieve multiple goals using one landing page is a common PPC mistake that can cost you a fortune in lost conversions and ad spend. Solution? Dedicated landing pages, designed specifically to achieve a given goal.

Stop burning money – use data to improve your ROI.

4 Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization in PPC


You’ll Increase Your Return on Ad Spend

Better clickthrough-rate and conversion rate means you’ll get more leads and close more deals without increasing your marketing budget.


CRO Improves User Experience & Satisfaction

Working on different elements of your advertising campaign – from ads to web copy and design – means that your customers get their preferred version of your PPC funnel. 


Conversion Rate Tests Focus on Important KPIs

When it comes to optimizing paid traffic campaigns, there’s no room for vanity metrics. The goal is to increase the number of leads and customers that your advertising efforts bring.


Your Campaigns Will Last Longer

By constantly tweaking and improving your campaigns, you’ll keep things fresh and updated – which means your campaigns will, on average, last longer than those of people who do not optimize.

Start Making More From Your Ads – Let’s Set Up Your First A/B Test

Conversion Optimization is not just about the numbers – it’s about finding the most effective way to overcome the fears, doubts, and uncertainity of your customers. 

Why Optimizing Your Advertsing Campaigns Conversion Rate from Day 1 Will Pay You Back Big Time?

Even if you don’t see any results right away?

No matter how much you like your advertising campaign, you should start looking for ways to improve its conversion rate the moment you make it live. Why? Optimizing from day one will set you apart from your competitors in the long-run: 

  • Lower acquisition cost. First, you pay less for each customer acquired.
  • This, in turn, leaves you with more money to reinvest.
  • And this means faster growth and the ability to attract even more customers.
  • New customers = higher marketing budget. Now you can start experimenting looking for even more ways to squeeze marketing dollars from your advertising efforts. 
  • All that can significantly accelerate the growth of your business, helping you escape your competitors.

But, keep in mind – if you don’t adapt & optimize, your competitors will leave YOU behind. 


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