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Make Better Business Decisions

and find missed advertising opportunities by tracking your visitors from the moment they make their first click.

What’s Included In Analytics Consulting?

Check Setup & Data Integrity

Even though adding Analytics to your website can take just a few minutes, many businesses fail to do it right – and, as a result, don’t get all the valuable data!  

Analytics Audit Setup Includes:

  • Tracking Code Setup & Audit
  • Proper linking of AdWords and/or Adsense
  • Alerts and notifications setup
  • Data Filtering and segmentation
  • Dealing with spam traffic
  • View configuration, including raw data view

Being able to watch the right data at the right time while filtering out spam is the key to understanding the events happening on your website. 

Set up Goal Funnels

Analytics funnels provide you with measurable data about the effectiveness of your marketing and give you an excellent overwiew of how your visitors travel towards the major conversion point. 

Here’re some of the things I’ll do to improve your CR:

  • Micro & macro conversions setup
  • E-commerce configuration
  • Creating the right goals & events
  • Setting goal funnels 

 By watching people go through the sales funnel you can easily identify issues with it, fix them, and reduce the number of potential customers dropping out.

Provide You with Actionable Reports

Once the Analtics is properly configured, it’s time to start using the data – and there’s no easier way of doing that than getting the right reports delivered right to your mailbox.

Here’s what the reports will help you achieve:

  • Understand where the changes in numbers come from
  • Find actionable advice on what could be done to improve the situation
  • Make better business decisions thanks to focus on accurate metrics

Emailing numbers has little to do with effective  analytics. The key is to provide you with the answers to how and why the changes happen – and what you can do to influence them.

If you didn’t track it, it didn’t happen.

4 Benefits of Having Properly Configured Analytics


Make Data-Driven Decisions

No more guessing and losing money. By collecting the right data you can better understand all the events happening and, as a result, make smarter business decisions.  


Stay Alerted When Important Things Happen

Set your Analytics to alert you about important changes happening to your website. Sudden drop in traffic? Unusual sales funnel metrics? Analytics makes it easy to stay on top of it all.


Find the Leaks and Boost Your Revenue 

What’s the percentage of people reaching the bottom of your funnel? And how many of them drop out somewhere in the middle? With the right Analytics setup it’s possible to find out why this happens and work on reducing the number of those leaving the funnel.


Grow an Invaluable Asset for Years to Come

Data is one of the biggest assets your business can build. It gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors and helps you build strong foundations for your business.   

Start Building Your Competitive Advantage

It’s estimated that only one in five online retailers use analytics the right way. Are you one of them?

It’s estimated that only one in five online retailers use analytics the right way. Are you one of them?

Collecting data allows you to find patterns in everyday activity of your audience. These patterns can be either positive – showing you that the decisions made were beneficial to your business or negative – pointing out mistakes that need to be corrected.

The best about these patterns is that they can be used to improve your business in multiple areas, including:

  • Advertising Efforts – measure the impact of your ad campaigns, optimize, and improve.
  • Audience Segmentation – separate your audience into different groups and subgroups and personalize your marketing message based on the unique characteristics of the particular segment.
  • Conversion Optimization – the more data you have, the easier it is to work on improving your website, and, as a result, increase your revenue.

Naturally, these are not the only ways in which data can help your business. From optimizing ad campaigns to introducing new products – all decisions should (and can) be based on data. 


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